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"full-web" editorial system


Make collecting information and publishing it easier !

N2E is a fullweb and multimedia tool to manage and publish information.

  • You work with a single CMS for your web site as well as for your paper publications
  • Your employees can access their work environment from any computer with a web browser
  • You centralize all the information and can control the workflow and monitor progress at any time.

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  • N2E will be present on the exhibition " La Presse au Futur" in Paris on November 20 and 21 at the Cap 15 Conference Center, 1-13 Quai de Grenelle, Paris XV (stand 36)
  • In the show " La Presse Future" Actunet offers exceptional conditions for the acquisition of its full web publishing system N2E . Visit us stand 36
  • Since October, N2E is the editorial system of " Approches" the magazine of coaches of the French National Handball Federation. It collects items from all over France, centralize them and automates their publication



Editorial systems for newspaper production have existed since the late 70s.
With the advent of the Internet the need has emerged to publish not just on paper but also on the web with the same or different formats, simultaneously or delayed.
In many newspapers, this plurimedia publication is still using both CMS to create web-specific articles and "moulinettes" to recover all or part of the contents of the printed newspaper on the Internet.
N2E is an initiative to completely unify the process by entering articles and visuals in a structured manner, articles and visuals in a dedicated CMS.
The items are then managed in a fully configurable workflow as well for validation and for publication in an automated fashion on any media :
- Import of pages pre-installed in a desktop publishing for print publication
- Publication in XML format to Internet, various alerts, mobiles smartphones, etc. ...

Information : +33 5 45 94 10 15

Advantages :

  • Because the articles are typed in a structured manner, from the beginning, N2E is truly multimedia, that is to say that it allows an automated output to paper as well as the Internet, mobile phones, etc...
  • Internet (then nomadic) architecture offers a fully open desk (you can work from any computer, anywhere)
  • Because it provides a tool for editors whatever may be the final destination, N2E prepares a smooth transition of your publication to the digital economy
  • All the process of publication (web or paper) can be automated. Productivity gains are immediate.
  • Development costs reduced (at least three times cheaper than traditional systems)
  • It is possible not to buy the system, but rent it through a SaaS contract (because the system is online, you can use it according to your needs, without any initial investment)


The strength of N2E is working 100% in a web browser.
Its originality is that N2E transforms your browser into a virtual office.


N2E offers journalists a very simple word processor with usual classification into subject headings and geographic But in addition, this tool allows structured data entry which can then go to layout automatically.


N2E gives copy editors a simple tool for editing the articles of their fellow reporters. The selection of a "form" or "board" will generate the automatic layout of the article.
With a simple drag and drop the item can be assigned to a page
Once exported items of a page, already formatted, are positioned in a fan on the Xpress or Indesign desk. Then simply drag and drop the blocks in the page to do the editing in a few clicks!


Created through a web interface, the items can be published immediately and automatically on the Internet or mobile phones